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  Michigan’s history has been incredible and full of fun inventions worth remembering forever. We know Michigan is full of sharp and innovative minds, so let’s take a step into it’s past. Michigan over the years has accomplished so much, are you ready for a surprise? Continue reading to find out why these things that exist today all started thanks to Michigan!

The history of Michigan inventions still being used constantly today. Do you think you know everything there is to know about Michigan? First, did you know the yellow light you see at a stoplight is thanks to Michigan? Are you a huge Michigan fan interested in hearing about Fiber optics? Check out this BuzzFeed if you want to learn more about how it all started in our great Mitten state! Did you also know about how Gerber’s Baby food all began here in Michigan? How about your interest in hospitals? Thanks to our sharp-minded Michiganders our cutting edge hospital beds started here in Michigan. So did you know about these fun things we have briefly shared with you? If not you should check out this BuzzFeed to learn more about Michigan!

BuzzFeed brings us “12 Things that Wouldn’t Exist if it Weren’t for Michigan”.

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